2016 The 13th Contemporary Visual Art Award

Competition 3 of 15
  • Gold Prize Winner: Ji Yeon Lim (Yaloo), "New Millennium Workout Routine" / yaloopop.com

  • Silver Award Winner: Kira Nam Greene "Orientalism I" / kiranamgreene.com

Alise Tifantale (independent art and photography historian, writer, editor and curator)
Sharon Matt-Atkins (vice director of exhibitions and collections management at the Brooklyn Museum)
Sara Reisman (Artistic Director of Shelley and Donald Rubin Foundation)



Gold Prize Winner: Ji Yeon Lim (Yaloo)

New Millennium Workout, 2014

HD Video, 6 minutes

Silver Prize Winner: Kira Nam Greene

Orientalism I, 2015
Oil, flashe and acrylic ink on canvas, 40 x 60 inches
Wolhee Choe Memorial Award: Soi Park
Richard Kim (LIC, NY), 2015
Digital Pigment Print, 23.5 x 17 inches